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Amazing results with VERTIMAX!

With the use of the capabilities of the Vertimax, I am able to emphasize the importance of form and techinque. The machine allows me to carefully watch and monitor each step individually, bringing to light the bad mechanics that most athletes have accustomed developed. My goal is to rid the athlete of bad habits and infuse them with the proper mechanics of running and jumping. This is extremely important for those athletes that rely on there pure athletic ability to breeze through high school sports.


At the next level, where the athleticism equals out, the form and technique make all the difference. Imagine what can be done if this is taught early As progressions are made, the Vertimax gives us the ability to slowly add resistance to every exercise to aid in development of foot speed and power. The mix of doing sets with resistance and without resistance is the best way to trick the muscle fibers into becoming more powerful. The goal is to develop a muscle that "thinks" it has resistance and fires at max capacity without the resistance, thus producing higher jumps and quicker speed.


Along with the Vertimax workouts, we also teach the importance of core stability and power. This does not mean having a six pack, strength and function are two totally seperate issues. A strong core is one that can hold your balance at all times and can transfer the energy that your lower body creates into a sport specific move.


We use multiple activities to learn and develop the core and progress them through a program with unlevel surfaces and variables. We also teach the importance of proper lifting mechanics and nutrition. A very unique, specific weight program follows every workout on the Vertimax to work more on the development of strength.


The difference is that we watch every lift and make sure that things are done properly every time and put emphasis on form and functionality of an athlete. For an athlete, the days of just doing squats, leg press, bench press, and power cleans are over! Call or stop by anytime to see what a truly unique idea MVP brings to the athletic training world.

What you get... AWESOME RESULTS!

As a life long resident of Columbus, IN and an avid athlete, Dr. Frasier has a passion to work with local athletes. Dr. Frasier was a 4 year letterman at Columbus North in football, basketball, and soccer. He was active in travel sports as well, and wants to get back into Columbus athletics.


Dr. Frasier’s past experiences have shown him many things. While at school, Dr. Frasier held a two year internship with a world renowned sports medicine chiropractor that allowed him to travel the country and learn valuable extremity care. In Dr. Frasier’s first job, he was blessed to work with 2 professional sports teams, 2 Universities, and multiple Olympic athletes.


This is where Dr. Frasier began to master his skills of diagnosing and treating multiple types of sports injuries, as well as work to develop advanced training methods with professional athletes.


Dr. Frasier wishes to bring these skills to the Columbus area to help train and develop high quality athletes As an avid athlete myself, I understand the importance of proper training and nutrition as the pathway to reaching one’s full potential.


As a lifelong athlete, I truly wish I would have participated in sport specific training programs early in my career.

I look forward to guiding you in your training and helping you unleash your full potential.

MVP was born with a desire to offer a “one stop” Sports Clinic to local athletes where they will find the best, most complete and comprehensive sports training program around.


MVP is Personal, specific training. I will meet with you, discuss an in-depth personalized program, and even perform intense injury rehabilitation.


MVP is Nutrition. Without proper nutrition, workouts are pointless. In order to simplify the nutritional problems, we will discuss and design athletic eating plans.


MVP offers the Vertimax, the only training system designed to bio-mechanically employ the light-load, high-speed methodologies to maximize an athlete’s vertical jump and first-step quickness. This machine is traditionally used by the highest athletes with the greatest desire to out perform their competition.







1. A complete athletic evaluation for maximum results.

2. Nutritional guidance.

3. Lifting regimen.

4. Sprint regimen.

5. Core Training.

6. Vertimax Training Sessions.

7. Unlimited access to the facility when not full.

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