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Package 1

Team and group discounts for 4+ athletes wanting to train together.

(prices vary based on age and number of athletes)

Package 2

Pay per day, only:


We also offer:

Special plans for siblings and groups. High uptake athletic supplements and
high quality protien powders are available for purchase.


"From training with the Vertimax, I gained strength, explosiveness, and good work ethic.  The Vertimax is a great tool to develop speed, quickness, and agility.  The whole MVP program hits on all areas that athletes need to get better.  Personally I gained muscle and speed and have become a lot leaner.  Thanks Nate and Matt!"


"As an athlete just coming out of an ACL reconstructive surgery, I was looking for something that could really get me back as soon as possible, yet safely. With my first surgery back in 2007 I was extremely intrigued by the way Nathan focuses on injury prevention, to me that was a huge sell point. He not only trained me to my fullest in the gym but also trained me to my fullest outside the gym. Making sure i put the right things in my body in order to build up lean, powerful, explosive muscles. His ways of training is completely revolutionary and I have never done anything that you get as great of a result out of it as this program Nathan sets up. I am now going through my second session through him and cannot wait to see what this time around does!"


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